Audio field recordings from Can Lis.
Joined artwork with photographer Torben Eskerod. 
Exhibited in Utzon Center, Denmark. 

Video: Torben Eskerod
Audio: Søren Tramm
Use headphones
The roaring by the coast provides the foundation for the sound scape created by the ocean and the surrounding trees. The depth of the sound scape is in the large waves that are reaching from the far. The smaller waves can be heard splashing as they hit the rocks below Can Lis. Even the very fine ripples and the smallest waves in the inner hooks of the cliffs are clear. Up front and right next to the listener the stone pines squeak while they move in the wind. Deep creaks, rattling and fine whines are sporadically up front in the sound scape. This is the real thing and the sound scape is one of many that shows the depth and uniqueness to be found in the acoustics within Can Lis.
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